Be Transformed How to live in harmony


Welcome to the thirteenth post in the Be Transformed series. I hope the posts and extras are a blessing to you.  If you would like to see what we have looked at so far in the series, please see Be Transformed Bible study. Today we look at, how to live in harmony.

When you think about living in harmony with others, what does your mind immediately go to? Did your thoughts switch to those you find hard to live in harmony with?


If we can think about human relationships in the same way, if conflict has become the focus rather than love, the results end in discord, and harmony becomes fractured.

Where we live in a world that likes to point out difference and many feel excluded, where some are fighting to be noticed, or feel forgotten, living in harmony can be difficult. If we allow our thoughts to be transformed by God, drawing close to Him in everything we think and do, the essential balance of love and peace can be found when we allow the living waters to refresh, strengthen, and restore us.

As God’s family we no longer live within the bounds of earth, but in accordance with the Spirit. We are to live in communion with one another, and love each other with brotherly love. We are called to bear each others burdens, be happy when someone is happy, and be sad when someone is sad. If all we see is our pride, and think ourselves better or wiser than others, we are not following the ways of Christ. Harmony isn’t found in a prideful, sinful heart.

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