The best way to choose who you play


Having good friends is not a lucky thing, if we do not have “a decent game,” it is difficult to retain good people beside us in the long run. A true friend, frankly, a wise counselor, a friend from a different culture, a friend who has the opposite personality, a good neighbor, a close colleague … as objects in any environment a friend in common, the portrait of a friend is not to suffer the following disadvantages:

Do not disregard your past: They do not need to identify who you are? How you came, had illustrious past or worse? They only care about you in the dialogue and the ability to connect in the present. Sometimes they see you in the crowd, that they respect your loneliness but also has the patience to help you realize your inner vitality, desire to show you the great things that they had the opportunity to taste as well as attention to your wishes.

Do not shy away from conflict: They are willing to tell you how they feel about you or courage to admit their mistakes or yourself. Either can cause a conflict to what extent, they are honest and frank, to pull you out of a bad mood. Direct slap in your face just because you want to get out “a certain confusion attack”. Break your cover, enticing you to new lands, explore new thinking more positively.

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